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Shepherd's Watch - Signed

Image of Shepherd's Watch - Signed

After the unbelievable events of last fall, Tony Shepherd could use a break. But his relaxing family summer at the lake crashes to a halt when Charlie Wolfe arrives at the cabin after a local man goes missing.

But nothing is ever simple when Charlie’s around, and soon the boys are again caught in a dark tangle of violence and danger. If they’re not careful, their search could bring harm to more than just themselves... Can Tony protect his family and keep Charlie out of trouble?

- Released: March 2017
- ISBN: 978-1-927756-78-2
- 424 pages
- Published by: Your Nickel's Worth Publishing

- $15.00 CAN in Canada
- $20.00 CAN everywhere else.
- Add an additional $5.00 CAN, for multiple copies.

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